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WAAM is the first Polish Reverse Vending Machine to accept returnable packaging.

The device is characterized by innovative mechanical solutions that allow for greater collection of waste. In addition, the unconventional combination of a dedicated application offering games with a machine creates the world's first game console in which the collected waste plays the role of a virtual currency. For the collected currency, the user will be able to fulfill his dreams in the virtual world, thanks to collecting waste and throwing it into our device. The system of generating profits for the investor is also revolutionary - you can score selected products or machine locations, while increasing product sales. Additionally, valuable marketing information can be obtained.

The greatest benefits of using the machine:

The modular system of the device allows you to create a machine to size


Modern design

Innovative sorting technology, applied modern detection and vision systems

User-friendly interface

The possibility of adapting the color of the device to the store

The answer to the problems of the current situation with the level of recycling

A comprehensive approach to the customer, a full range of options to replace the deposit with valuable bonuses and points that will answer the needs of all users - both the youngest and the oldest, who will have the opportunity to support and donate points to charity - a wide range of potential interested parties

The biggest advantages of the combined application of our machine are:

Possibility of connection with the public transport system

The application can be combined with tickets to public places such as swimming pool, ice rink, other sports facilities, cinemas, theaters

Possibility to support local stores by additional points of collected products locally

Possibility to donate points to charity

Educational game in which we develop a character using sorted waste

The possibility of exchanging virtual currency for points in well-known computer games

The possibility of collecting valuable statistical data in accordance with applicable law, including GDPR


Find out the main differences in the file below

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